About the Author

Bassem (Max) Jamaleddine is a Web Systems Engineer with five years of diversified

contractual experience with IBM. He administered and orchestrated the development of

several main projects at IBM’s T.J.Watson Research Center, from the Java-based network

computer to the new generation of IBM’s WAS technology.

A strong mathematical background has helped foster his belief that the soul of

understanding new computer technology lies in disciplined coding coupled with proper

system administration.

His UNIX knowledge dates from the early stages of PDP-11 system programming to the

IBM SuperPower Parallel machines geared by newer AIX technologies. He has lectured at

the City University of New York on advanced system programming, and on compiler and

assembler construction. During the dot.com explosion, he was a major Object Oriented

developer for Wall Street e-businesses, building user registration, authentication, shopping

carts, and tracking and debugging routines. His forte is the development of algorithms for

pattern recognition and calligraphy, such as the grammar to recognize chromosomes and

digital signatures.

He earned an M.S. in Computer Science from the City University of New York, a B.S.

in Computer Mathematics from Lebanese American University, and a mathematics diploma

from International College in Lebanon.

He started development of Project-9 at Total Computing & Network Design, Inc. He is

actively consulting on the East Coast for WebSphere deployment.